Bleeding Zion

Reprinted (with permission) from the

OLD LINE MESSENGER Special Attachment March 2002


    Throughout the ages the Baptist Church has been subjected to many divisions. The Split of 1832(34) possibly being the most recognizable of the divisions. But, that particular incident was just one of many significant changes brought about by LIBERALISM. History tells us of notable divisions which took place as early as the first century. Despite these disturbances, the original church in her form has remained an existing entity. Christ told the apostles that he would establish the church and that the gates of hell would not prevail against her. Knowing that Christ can not lie, leaves us to understand that the original church established by Christ is indeed existent today. Although, some may argue that the Primitive Baptist Church can only trace it's existence back a couple of hundred years, ancient history proves otherwise. Although different in name, the Primitive Baptist Church has existed since the early days of the Apostles. It existed not in name as it is now known, but in practice and doctrine. Simply put the name above the door has changed but the practices, doctrine and ordinances have remained the same. These practices, doctrine and ordinances are the same as those commissioned by Christ to the Apostles nearly 2000 years ago, and remain steadfast to this very day. 

    Brethren, in my humble opinion, the Primitive Baptist Church of today is that institution which Christ established nearly 2000 years ago. The point I am presenting does not suggest or indicate that Christ's church kingdom consists only of Primitive Baptist, for the bible teaches us that his kingdom consists of persons of every nation, kindred and tongue. But, that the INSTITUTION which follows the teachings, doctrine, practices and ordinances set forth by Christ is the Primitive Baptist Church. 

    The Current state of the Primitive Baptist Church is once again facing division, although, those of us who attend churches in the Heart of Appalachia have been blessed to avoid the major effects thereof. Recent news finds our dear Brethren in parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas and California not being spared the same way that we have been. Liberalism has once again entered it's face and the author of the confusion is none other than satan himself. Several churches have departed from their ways and are introducing unscriptural elements into the sacred church. Tithing, missionism, Sunday schools, and protracted meetings are just an example of some of the needles of corruption. These churches, are deceived by men who desire to fill their bellies with lustful indulgences and all of this at the expense of our BLEEDING ZION. 

    How can this happen? Like predators they prey on weak churches, they prey where disorder exists, they then condemn church practices by saying that they are "too old fashioned," they aggressively promote the "necessity" of change and they do all this with passion and zeal. The Bible teaches us that there will be those who will be deceived even the very elect if possible. Despite what I feel to be another impending division, we must continue to pray for our BLEEDING ZION, we must continue to pray with and for one another, as Elders we must continue to warn the flock and we ourselves must be aware of wolves clothed as sheep. We must continue to stand for the old paths and stand in the way of change. My fellow brethren, if Christ himself established the church surely it must have been as he had wanted it, if Christ wanted or desired for it to change surely he would have made provisions for that change. The Bible does not suggest any changes nor did Christ make any provisions to "change with the times." Therefore, as the old hymn wonderfully goes "if it's good enough for Paul and Silas then it's good enough for me!" May God richly bless each and everyone of you, continue to pray for our dear brethren, continue to pray for those who are afflicted, continue to pray for those who despitefully use you, continue to pray for those who have been deceitfully led astray, continue to pray for me your messenger and servant of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. 

Yours in Precious Hope,

Elder Brian Moore




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