What Primitive Baptist Believe

In order to help you develop an understanding of the basic doctrine of the Old Line Primitive Baptist,  here are some basic & fundamental points presented in the form of questions and answers.

1. What is the basic difference between Primitive Baptists and other religious societies? 


2. What do Primitive Baptists believe about the fall of man? 


3. How do Primitive Baptists support their view of unconditional election? 


4. What is their position on predestination? 


5. Did not Jesus die for the whole human race? 


6. Do Primitive Baptists deny that Christ died for the world ? 


7. How do you know that all of the elect will respond to the call of the Spirit ? 


8. Do you not then teach that some might want salvation but could not have it because they are not one of the elect?


9. Why then do you preach, if you are already sure that all of the elect are going to be saved in Heaven? 


10. Don't you believe that the preaching of the gospel is God's ordained means of bringing eternal salvation to the sinner? 


11. How then do you explain I Corinthians 1 :21 and passages like it? 


12. Why is it that Primitive Baptists do not send out missionaries? 


13. Why is it that Primitive Baptists do not have Sunday Schools? 


14. Why are your ministers called Elder? 


15. Are Primitive Baptists Protestants ? 


16. Why is it that Primitive Baptists do not build hospitals, orphanages, and other charitable institutions? 


17. Do you believe in tithing? 


18. Do Primitive Baptist ministers receive a salary? 


19. Is it true that Primitive Baptists wash feet? 


20. Do Primitive Baptists actually believe they are the only ones going to Heaven? 


21. Can you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are saved? 


22. Why do you not preach that God loves everybody? 


23. Since you believe that your destiny is in the hands of God and that you can do nothing about it, does this not cause you a great deal of anxiety? 


24. For what purpose were the Scriptures written? 


25. Is not the word the means by which we are born again? 


26. Do Primitive Baptists believe in preaching the gospel to sinners? 


27. Do you call upon men to repent and believe? 


28. What is meant by the expression, "the gospel or militant church"? 


29. Do Primitive Baptists preach infants in Hell ? 


30. Where did the Primitive Baptists get their name? 

If the principles set forth here find a response in your heart, we would encourage you to attend services at a true old-line Primitive Baptist Church near you. You will find a very simple but beautiful form of worship as God's people meet to sing the old songs of Zion, pray, and delight themselves in the joyful sound of the gospel. And you will find that the fellowship is sweet with those who have felt themselves to be poor, needy sinners, but have been blessed to rejoice in hope.  Regrettably, not all churches who carry the name Primitive Baptist adhere to the old ways.  Unfortunately, there are those who now advocate missions (while denying them to be such), salaried pastors, and a host of other changes to the church which are clearly unscriptural.

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