The Exclusion of Glenn Blanchard from Indian River Church, Winter Haven, Florida

    Glenn Blanchard, now pastor of a church in Winter Garden, Florida, has been filling appointments in the southern and western states, and even in some questionable places in Indiana (and in the group in Wisconsin where J. C. Stanaland has now moved to try to start a church), among churches which are being led astray by the disorder of the new progressive/liberal movement. Blanchard is in close fellowship with Lasserre Bradley, Gus Harter, and the others who are aligned with them. Since some in Illinois, and Missouri, are also being led astray, we feel it is necessary to publish some facts which we have been given related to this situation.

    Glenn Blanchard joined Indian River Church, at Winter Haven, Florida, in 1982. He says this church "met once a month, used the Lloyd's Hymnal, and had about eight members, but the doctrine preached there was the truth, and that was more important to me." "Later," he says, "I moved my membership to Pilgrim's Rest, in Vero Beach, as they were willing to meet more often. I was ordained there on February 23, 1991. On November 6, 1994, I accepted the call to pastor New Hope Church in Winter Garden, Florida." Glenn Blanchard now conducts Bible studies which some have heard call a Sunday School, and holds Bible study pizza parties and other such activities as incentives to the young to join the church.

    According to Elder Royce Dixon, who was the pastor of Indian River Church at Winter Haven, in 1982, and including the period in which Glenn Blanchard was a member there, the elderly sisters of Indian River Church asked him to let Glenn Blanchard sit on the bench, as they did not feel he had a profitable gift; but some of the brethren from Pilgrim's Rest Church told Glenn that if he would join there, they would ordain him. Elder Dixon also visited him in his home and found he was very much involved in studying and listening to material and tapes from Cincinnati. Elder Dixon said that not long after they stopped using him, Bro. Blanchard fastened a letter to the front door of Indian River church, which they found on the day of their Saturday meeting, saying that he had joined Pilgrim's Rest Church and would not be back. Since this was done in gross disorder, Indian River Church took up the matter and excluded both Glenn Blanchard and his wife, Pat, by a unanimous vote.

    By Glenn Blanchard's own account, the truth was being preached at Indian River, yet he left without requesting a letter of dismission in order, and evidently joined Pilgrim's Rest without a letter and without being baptized again. So, it appears that either Glenn Blanchard has never had valid baptism at all, or else he has been justly excluded; either way, he is not legally a true Primitive Baptist today. It appears, therefore, that he should be considered an excluded member and that his ordination is invalid and disorderly.

    Glenn Blanchard was "ordained" shortly thereafter, at Pilgrim's Rest Church, by a presbytery composed of Elders Leslie Brinson (pastor), Charles Godwin, Bob Roberts, Larry Wolfe, and Otis Cowart. We leave this comment without explanation, feeling that it explains itself for those who are familiar with the situation.

    We think a review of the newsletter published by this brother will be sufficient to prove to any sound Primitive Baptist that he is not a conservative old-line Primitive Baptist.

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