Electronic Forum

I highly recommend this forum for any Old Baptist interested a unique type of fellowship, on a national level.  


OLPBF:    The purpose of this forum is to facilitate and encourage communication among those who are interested in the Old-Line Primitive Baptist cause (which is based on the principles taught in the inspired Word of God). This forum consists of those who desire to walk in the old paths wherein Jesus Christ led the way, which means that we advocate the simple form of worship taught in the bible (singing, praying and preaching) without any man-made inventions or additions.

If you submit a subscription request, you agree with the following:
   1) I have a sincere interest in the Old-Line Primitive Baptist cause.
   2) I agree not to use any information on this forum (or its archives) to undermine (or to inform others who might undermine) the Old-Line Primitive Baptist cause.
   3) I agree to conduct all conversation on the forum in a Christ-like and Christ-honoring manner.
   4) I fully support the PRINCIPLES of sound doctrine and practice advocated in the Pitts Resolution of Old-Line Primitive Baptists, adopted January 29, 2000 in Pitts, Georgia.

It is moderated by:  Brother Glenn Latimer .To subscribe, send a request to Brother Glenn!


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